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CameraLove is intended as a resource and a community for photographers of all experience levels to enjoy and benefit from. This site grew out of my frustration when switching from Canon to Nikon. I was amazed at the amount of research necessary just to figure out what would work on a given camera body! I was also surprised to find there was not one site that offered this information for all major systems, and enlisted some friends to help me do something about it.

Our first contribution to the community is a lens comparison tool we're calling Lenser, which you can try by clicking below, or selecting a lens from the menus above. Hope you like it!  --John

Lenser is our lens comparison tool, which contains ratings, new and used pricing, and compatibility information on over 400 lenses for the Nikon, Canon and Sony camera systems, with more coming regularly. We hope you find it useful!

Tech Notes

Which Lens will Work – A Guide to SLR and Mirrorless Lens Formats
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Lens formats can be confusing, and with the advent of new mirrorless lens formats, making sure that lens you’re looking at will work with your camera is more complicated than ever. That’s why we created our Lenser tool, to make … Read More

In-Depth Reviews

The Sigma 20mm F1.4 DG HSM ART – The Fastest, Widest Angle Lens in the World Tested
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Not Your Father’s Sigma When Sigma announced its first “Art” series lens a couple of years ago, many scoffed at the notion that Sigma, long a 2nd-tier lens manufacturer, could compete with the big boys at Canon and Nikon, let … Read More